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About Carla Buigues

25 years real estate experience
Expert negotiator
Mother of two amazing children

Carla Buigues is an expert in her field. With over twenty years of real estate experience, expert negotiator, community leader, philanthropist, world traveler, and mother of two amazing children. As she is a mother, she knows a home is more than a house. She is a longtime resident and volunteer in the communities where she works, and understands the neighborhoods that will meet your needs. And as a seasoned real estate expert, she knows how to make your dreams for the next stage of your journey come true.

Carla has extensive knowledge in home sales and lending in addition to the development and building of properties. Carla credits her success to her personal values and integrity. She creates a strong relationship with every client, building trust and staying with them throughout every step of the way. She works not only to make her clients happy, but she gets the best out of everyone in the process. Carla has the rare ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable and at the same time be a powerful real estate broker. Carla's intimate knowledge and roots in her community give her clients an advantage. She makes every effort to understand her clients’ needs, no matter what the circumstance. Carla’s success can be measured not only by her strong familiar and flexible characteristics, but she has maintained a strong client base through referrals. For these reasons, Carla has been able to endure the many difficult ups and downs that exist in this market. Carla is an adamant professional. She is well aware of what it takes to be successful in the real estate market.

Time and time again she has made it possible for her clients’ dreams of homeownership a reality.